Who was Monte – Documentary about Monte Melkonyan

Who was Monte - Documentary about Monte MelkonyanA documentary about one of the most beloved fighters for Armenia’s freedom – Monte Melkonyan, who left US to give his life for the liberation of Armenia.

He joined the Armenian forces without prior military knowledge and soon became the commander responsible for many important victories during the war in Artsakh. A real legend among Armenians, sometimes he is compared with Che Guevara.

Monte Avo Melkonyan (Armenian Մոնթէ “Ավօ” Մելքոնեան; was born in November 25, 1957, Visalia, USA. From June 12, 1993, fought in Artsakh) – National Hero of Armenia and Hero of Artsakh, active participant of the Artsakh War, one of the organizers and leaders of the Armenian forces in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Before that, he was a member of the ASALA military organization, the head of ASALA-RM (RM for “revolutionary movement”), a participant in the civil war in Lebanon. Known under the nicknames of Abu Cindi, Saro, Timothy Sean McCormack, and Commander Avo.

In 1996, Monte Melkonyan was posthumously awarded the highest honorary title “National Hero of Armenia”.

Монте Мелконян док фильм.Monte Melkonyan

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