Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell in Armenia – Documentary by Travel Channel

Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell in ArmeniaIn a quite informative and interesting film by the Travel Channel, a prestigious TV channel that operates internationally in 21 languages, booze traveler Jack Maxwell degusts Armenian beverages. Not every country can hold such a project, not to mention being featured in a documentary.

“Although the excellent Armenian wine sparkles in the wine glasses, people talk much more than drink at the tables. Maybe that’s why there are no detoxification facilities in Armenia…”

In fact, Armenia has been the only Soviet state that hasn’t had a single detoxification facility. Even today, drunk people are of exceptional rarity in the streets of Armenian cities and villages. It’s not so surprising why Armenia is considered one of the safest countries in the world after all!

Besides, Armenia is an open-air museum!

Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell in Armenia

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