“Architects of Denial” – A US Film About the Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansings in Azerbaijan

“Architects of Denial” – A US Film About the Armenian GenocideThe authors of the American film dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, as well as ethnic cleansings of Armenians in Sumgait and Karabakh aren’t worried about the reaction of either Turkey or Azerbaijan, said actor and producer Dean Cain during a press conference in Yerevan in March 2018.

When Cain shared his idea to shoot a film about the Armenian Genocide with his prominent colleague Montel Williams, the latter wondered, “What Armenian Genocide?” Cain added that if a military serviceman of 22 years who considers himself a military historian doesn’t know anything about the Genocide, then you can’t expect it from anyone else.

Remarkably, in his student years, Cain has reacted in the same way on the question of his Armenian friend.

To tell the world the truth about the Armenian Genocide, Dean Cain and Montel Williams shot a documentary named “Architects of Denial.” The film presents historical facts, stories of people who survived the Genocide, as well as observations of experts.

As Williams said, the denial of the Armenian Genocide can result in the repeat of history. Today, we see that a Genocide can occur in Karabakh.

The goal of the film’s creators is to achieve not only the recognition of the Armenian Genocide but also influence the apathetic attitude towards this crime against humanity. As the authors of the film remarked, an unrecognized genocide is the continuation of genocide.

The works on “Architects of Denial” have been carried out for 4-5 years. More than 400 people participated in the filming. Authors admit that during the marketing campaign and the organization of the premier, they encountered strong Turkish pressure. Many of those who participated in the filming wish to remain anonymous, which could be due to the fear of persecution.

As for the authors, they are not afraid of the Turkish and Azerbaijani blacklists. They also stated that they have neither intent nor the desire to visit those countries.

The closed Armenian premier of “Architects of Denial” was held in March 2018 in Yerevan, gathering representatives of political, cultural, and scientific circles of Armenia, as well as international film distributions. The organizers yet can’t say whether or not the film will become available to the general public. However, the authors of the film plan to show “Architects of Denial” in each country of the world.

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