Drowning smartphones with fun

Drowning smartphones with funTechnology nowadays evolves spasmodically. Twenty years ago we couldn’t even imagine that such devices as cellphones and tablets with touchscreens, CPUs with multiple cores or flat-screen TVs would exist.

Who could have possibly known that modern smartphones would have gigabytes of RAM, cameras with dozens of megapixels and would handle memory cards which would also carry hundreds of gigabytes of space? And all of that technological beauty is now enclosed in water- and dustproof shell!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see all of that glory with your own eyes, you can easily watch it on the Internet.

You can find materials that solely describe and review the things you are interested in, or you can come up to things which had been made just for fun. Like, can you come up with any circumstances which would lead your phone into dipping in soda for a durable period?

Or why would you freeze your phone for several hours?

At least, dropping your phone into deep water seems like more realistic case:

The devices featured in these videos are Samsung Galaxy S7 and IPhone 7 (not that you haven’t figured it out already). It is worth noting that there is enormous number of videos like these for us to watch with various types of devices, but these are the most hyped ones.

We think that those both are incredible devices and it would be inappropriate to make conclusions based on these videos. The best thing to do in deciding which one to purchase is just to play around with each of them a little so you can make your final choice.

Undoubtedly, material of this kind is made for entertainment, and we enjoy it very much. It would be improper to criticize those people who have fun by themselves and share it with us. The only thing left for us is to just relax and laugh at this silly stuff. So have fun, everybody!

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