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The work “Determining the Geography of Armenia with Islamic Sources” by Member of Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran Karen Khanlaryan was recently published in Tehran.

There is a lot of evidence of wars, massacres, and deportations contained on the pages of the history of Armenia. Due to these events, a significant part of the territory of historical Armenia was occupied by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

To deny this reality, state politicians and “scientific minds” of these countries repeatedly resort to distorting the history and the political geography of historical Armenia, promoting completely false and fabricated theories such as “Turkish roots of the kingdom of Urartu”, “Armenians of Western Armenia are not an indigenous people”, “The immigration of Armenians from Europe to Anatolia in the last millennium”, and others.

The purpose of “Determining the Geography of Armenia by Islamic Sources” is to provide evidence of the unreasonable and falsified nature of these so-called theories. This work is based on the rich evidence provided by Islamic (Iranian, Arab, and Ottoman) sources from the 9th-20th centuries.

Introducing each source, K. Khanlaryan briefly covers the scientific activity and biography of the author since biographical data can contribute to the scientific nature of the topic, clarify the source material, as well as address the bias of the author.

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