Le Figaro Histoire about Armenia

“Would exchange grandiose history for a better geostrategic situation”. Armenia could adopt this formula. At the time of the clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Le Figaro Histoire devotes an exceptional file to this country almost three thousand years old.

To understand the dilemma that Armenia faces, the best specialists explore its history since its appearance in the 6th century BC. AD until the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

They decipher the brilliant culture of the first nation to have adopted Christianity, retrace the rich hours of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia, whose last sovereign was a Frenchman, Léon de Lusignan, and bring to life the heroic epic of Musa Dagh in 1915, one of the many milestones that closely unite Armenia and France.

At the heart of the news, Le Figaro Histoire conducted an investigation into the creation of fiction inspired by history, on the occasion of the release of the film Vaincre ou mort, dedicated to the Vendée chef Charette and produced by Puy du Fou, and the novel by Françoise Chandernagor, Le Jardin de ashes, which resurrects Séléné, daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antoine.

On the reported side, it takes you to 18th century Prague, in the footsteps of Mozart and Casanova, and opens the doors of Madame Du Barry’s apartments, among the most secret of the Palace of Versailles.

Source: boutique.lefigaro.fr

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