Sayings About Turks – The same as before

Sayings About TurksSayings from different peoples of the world concerning the Turks seem to be different, but in fact, they all have the same meaning. In the world, there is no other such nation with such unambiguous rating.

And if the Turks are a nation, then it is a nation of murderers.

  • People create, the Turks destroy – Serbian saying
  • The devil has many guises, the most important of which is the Turk- Assyrian saying
  • Chicken is not a bird and a Turk is not a human – Ukrainian saying
  • The uninvited guest is like a Turk (or worse than a Tatar) – Russian saying
  • Turkey, a country of small minds – Slovak saying
  • The chicken is more likely to fly than the Turks are to love – Arabian saying
  • When dealing with a Turk, do not let go of the stick – Armenian saying
  • If you want a Turk to listen to you, hit him with a stick – Armenian saying
  • Where the foot of a Turk has reached, the grass does not grow – Bulgarian saying
  • If the Turk speaks of peace, there will be war – Greek saying
  • Bad life is sharing neighborhood with a Turk – Kurdish saying
  • The rooster will not lay eggs and the Turks will not become human – Romanian saying
  • The Turks are the precursors of the Antichrist.

4 thoughts on “Sayings About Turks – The same as before

  1. Not a Turk but I am an historian. Armenian genocide from a history point of view is not a fact. It does not matter how many times you say it. I am a proud Italian and sometimes people hate us because of ROME. Such ridiculous thing to do. Then you should hate French, British, Dutch, Japansese, Germans the most in the world. They only brought femine, war and genocide back in the days. Now they are all civilised.

  2. Mr. Ibanez, a proverb is a short, traditional saying that expresses some obvious truth or familiar experience; adage; maxim! You don’t need to be an historian to understand proverbs!

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