Turkish Analyst: “They Shouldn’t Think That The Issues With Turkey Will Worsen If Biden Is Elected”

HaberTürk Turkish analyst Muharrem Sarıkaya published an article in his column, trying to analyze the future of Turkish-American relations if Democratic candidate Joe Biden is elected in the US presidential elections.

Some circles in Turkey believe that if Biden wins the US presidential elections, the problems in Turkish-American relations will worsen.

This sentiment is based on the fact that when Trump came to power, he fired a number of DOS Department and intelligence officials. According to Sarıkaya, the vast majority of them had problems with Turkey, and after being fired, they started working with Biden.

It is noted that these people took on important functions during the election campaign and formed the core of Biden’s negative speeches against Turkey.

“If Biden is elected, they shouldn’t hope that the issues with Turkey will worsen significantly,” Sarıkaya wrote, adding that Biden has known Turkey for decades and understands how relations between the two countries are developing.

Source: www.ermenihaber.am

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