An Armenian Khachkar In The Polish City Of Szczecinek

In the Polish city of Szczecinek, the grand opening of an Armenian khachkar (cross-stone) was held at the expense of the Armenian community of the city.

The opening ceremony of the monument which began with a moment of silence in memory of late Charles Aznavour was attended by the Ambassador of Armenia to Poland Edgar Ghazaryan, then mayor of Szczecinek Jerzy Hardie-Douglas, the head of the Association of Armenians of Szczecinek Yurik Khurshudyan, and the representative of the Armenian Church Nerses Harutyunyan.

“A large Armenian community lives in Szczecinek. Armenians are exceptional people affected by history. Armenia is the oldest Christian country to first officially adopt Christianity. I hope that the khachkar will become a very important part of the city’s culture,” the former mayor of Szczecinek said at the opening of the khachkar.

Armenian Ambassador Edgar Ghazaryan in his opening speech noted that the established khachkar is a Christian symbol that connects the Armenian and Polish peoples. Inscriptions on the monument in Polish and Armenian say that it is erected in honor of the eternal friendship of Armenians and Poles.

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