Armenia Minor – Komagena – Tsopk – Kappadokia

Armenia Minor - Komagena - Tsopk - KappadokiaThese four countries (regions) were the Armennian Kingdoms from about 23 millennium BC and they had sometimes the common Kings. In old period Komagena and Kappadokia were inside the larger Tsopc region of the Great Armennia.

a. Komagena

Komagena was to the West of Osroen (Edessia), on the right side of river Euphrates. Main (capital) town was Sammosat on the right bank of Euphrates. The old name of Sammosat was, perhaps, Saghm(os)at which in Armennian means: “saghm- os- at= separate holy song or chorale”. In Sammosat (as in Edesia) there were big libraries.

Being in the West of Euphrates, Komagena was sometimes incurred to occupation from the West, especially at last period when the Roman Empire and Byzantium arose. The Kings of Komagena were from Yervandouni Dynasty of the Great Armennia.

b. Tsopc

The name Tsopc in cuneiforrns is Tsup (Tsoup), in ancient sources is Sofena. Tsopc (also Shaouni) was to the North of Osroen (Edessia) and to the West from Taron, region of the Great Armennia, which was in the West from the Lake Van till the river Euphrates, and along the river Aratsanni (tributary of Euphrates). Tsopc in belated period was called also Sophena.

Let me show here the short list of some kings of Tsopc who were (as in Edesia) the junior arm of Yervandouni, Kings Dynasty of the Great Armennia:

Sammos (middle of Hl century BC),
Arsham (240-220 BC),
Csercsess (end of ll century BC),
Zarreh (190-175 BC),
Arkathias (middle of n century BC),
Mehroujan (end of n century BC),
Artannes (end of n century BC-94 BC).

In Tsopc there were the big towns Kharpert or Carbert =car – bert= “stone castle” in Armennian, the more old name of which was Carput=Car-p-u-t= the place having stone wall”,

c. Kappadokia

Kappaddokia was to the West of Euphrates (in Asia Minor), and by the NS direction – between Armennia Minor and Kilikia. At the West part of Komagena there is the lake Tuz (or Thouz) which means ”fig” in Armennian. The Armennian old name of Kappadokia was Gammirc (Q.wuppp) which means “ga- mireefruit bringer”.

The main and old town of Kappadokia had the old name Maihak (or Mshak) which in Armennian is: ma- z – ak=”the source of force and life”. Afterwards, at the belated Period the town was renamed to Kesaria (Kessarria), which also came from Armennian old word ”kes – ar”=”half God”(the old title of Armennian kings), and Kesaria means “The place (side) of Kesar”.

According to Movses Khorenatsi Kings of old Gammirc were from the Great Armennia Kesar Arram (Son of the Sun) Dynasty.

d. Armennia Minor

Armennia Minor was from the South of Black Sea, until Kappadokia, including riverhead of Euphrates. Between the Armennia Minor and the Great Armennia is the mountain ridge ”High Armennia”.

The capital town was Ani-Kamakh. Another main town of Armennia Minor was the port Trabzon (Trapezund). This name in Armennian means ”tr – a – b – z – 0 – n=it gives the beginning of the constructive life”.

The name of another big and old town was Sebbastia= “se- b – as – t – iaethe place and town of the kind love”. There were also the old towns Ardassa= ”this is the life directed to the Sun” and Nlkepolise ”n-ik(a)-o-polis= it becomes the holy town”.

Afterwards at the North part of Armennia Minor emerged (for a short period) the Pontian Kingdom, dependent on the Great Armennia.

After the genocide of Armennians in Turkey (1915) the main part of Armennia Minor population (from Trabzon and other towns) migrated to the East Bank of Black Sea, to the Sukhumi (Abkhazia), Sochi (Russia) and other sides.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Herouni

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