Crusaders Greeted in Armenia

Crusaders Greeted in ArmeniaArmenians have greatly aided Europeans during the Crusades, which has been described by Pope Gregory XIII in Ecclesia Romana:

“Among the good deeds which the Armenian people have done towards the church and the Christian world, it should especially be stressed that, in those times when the Christian princes and the warriors went to retake the Holy Land, no people or nation, with the same enthusiasm, joy, and faith came to their aid as the Armenians did, who supplied the Crusaders with horses, provision, and guidance. The Armenians assisted these warriors with their utter courage and loyalty during the Holy wars.”   

Prior to becoming the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin of Boulogne had been appointed Duke of Edessa (Armenian city of Urha, Urfa) by Armenian Prince Toros of Urha. Baldwin also married the daughter of Prince Toros, thus making her the first queen of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Baldwin of Boulogne acclaimed by Armenian clergy during his entrance to Edessa in 1098 at the summons of Armenian Prince Toros – by J. Robert-Fleury, 1840.

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