Fragment of the List of the Malefactors to the Armenian People

Fragment of the List of the MalefactorsGrigory Golitsyn. In 1896, Russian Prince and participant of the Caucasian War Grigory Sergeyevich Golitsyn (1838-1907) occupied the position of a general of infantry. Golitsyn was an opponent of the Armenian national liberation movement.

He also was one of the authors of the decree (issued on June 12, 1903) on the confiscation of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s property.

On October 14 of the same year, General Golitsyn was badly wounded on the Kojor Highway near Tiflis as a result of a punitive operation carried out by the Armenian Dashnaks.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Nakashidze (1844-1905). A governor of Baku, Nakashidze was one of the organizers of the Armenian pogroms in Baku in February 1905. He would be assassinated by the Dashnaks. Some sources claim that Armenian military commander Dro (Drastamat Kanayan) was personally engaged in his assassination.

Maksud Alikhanov-Avarskiy (1846-1907), a Russian Lieutenant-General. In 1907, he was a Tiflis governor. He openly supported the Tatars and his relatives, the Khans of Nakhichevan, especially when it was about massacring Armenians. He was killed in Alexandropol on July 3, 1907.

Prince Ilya G. Chavchavadze is a legendary person for the Georgian people, a “father of the fatherland” canonized by the Georgian church. He was a prominent fighter for the independence of Georgia.

In addition, he was an opponent of Armenians and their interests. Particularly, he contributed to the publishing of anti-Armenian articles of V. Velichko.

Chavchavadze was killed near Tsitsamuri. Some accounts claim that he was killed by the Georgian gang of Girgly Berbichashvili, but that isn’t of much importance: he would have been killed anyway sooner or later.

Brigadier Brikov. Brikov ordered his Cossacks to kill the captured Armenians who had fought in Kars against the Turkish army. Overall, 20 prisoners have been executed.

The murder of the disarmed Armenian prisoners took place in the presence of Turkish officers invited by Brikov. Having decided to boast his “feat”, he was photographed with the Turkish officers and with the Armenian’s corpses in the background.

After exactly one and a half month from these events, on August 31, Brikov was killed by a shot from a hunting rifle by a 19 years old guy from a wealthy Armenian family. This young man’s name was Hamo Dzhanpolatyan: it is known that he had literally begged the Dashnaktsutsyun party to entrust him with the mission of eliminating Brikov.

And even though he had no experience, the Dashnaks trusted him. As it would turn out, they made the right decision.

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