Turkish Anti-Armenian Propaganda

There have been some tendencies to conceal the origin of Armenian settlements and locations. For example, Armenian Highlands are now more known as Eastern Anatolia thanks to the anti-Armenian propaganda of Turkey’s government.

In another article, we have spoken about the possible Russian attempts to associate Armenians with the nations of North Caucasus, which is now a part of the Russian Federation. Besides, the Russian and Turkish policies might intersect because the both states have political interests in the region.

The goal of such actions is pretty simple, that is eliminating the traces and identity of the Armenian people. It is possible that that policy belongs to the same states that organized and committed the Armenian Genocide during World War I.

Any statement related to Armenian Highlands, the origin of Armenian people, the massacres of 1915, theories and some facts considering Armenia the cradle of civilization, or others, which try to prove that Armenian identity has been and is under constant risk of disappearance, meets the violent resistance of supporters of false foreign propaganda.

Unfortunately, there are Armenians among the advocates of anti-Armenian policy in both Russian and Turkish media. It seems that money has made them “forget” about their nationality and that one hundred years ago their ancestors had been brutally killed by the regime they are now supporting.

Armenian Upland is not Anatolia, which has been so violently propagandized by Turkey for nearly a century. Armenians are not some tribes who have managed to form an independent state. Unfortunately,

Turkish propaganda wasn’t fruitless as, for example, the term Anatolia is now much more known than Armenian Highlands. Besides, the “forgetfulness” of some Armenians somewhat facilitates their tries.

After regaining their independence, Armenians need to realize that now is the time to make efforts to not let our hostile neighbors appropriate Armenian identity and bring their old plans to an end.

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