Armenia of Tigran II the Great – The Most Unique Armenia

Armenia of Tigran II the Great – The Most Unique ArmeniaArmenia under the rule of Tigran II Great differs from Armenia of both his descendants and ancestors. First of all, it is distinguished by the internal management of the state with the judiciary and legal system at its head.

It is known that monarchical government systems greatly depend on the personality of the rulers. However, Tigran the Great managed to develop a clear system, which is no longer used, unfortunately.

While the words of Tigran the Great were decisive, Armenia had a land council, which took an active part in the construction of the state system. And this council had the right to independently make global decisions.

The state management system of Tigran the Great is poorly studied to this day. Much of the data that has survived to this day mainly belongs to external sources of Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Parthians, Phoenicians, and others nations.

But even with the scarce information, it becomes clear that Tigran the Great was a very subtle ruler, politician, and military commander with significant knowledge base and skills in government and decision-making.

In addition, Tigran the Great, being a fine warrior, never succumbed to the temptations of his glorification. All his actions were directed to the benefit of his state rather than achieving glory and popularity in society.

The state management system of Tigran the Great was so dynamic that it could be to some extent applied in modern realities. And that’s why Armenia under the rule of Tigran the Great deserves a thorough study.


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